Welcome to Interior Geocaching Supplies

Be sure to look for and find the coupon discount code hidden within this write up.  Hint – THREE WORDS.  Then apply the coupon code exactly as shown for additional savings at the check out.  If you get stuck send me an email. 

The quest to find hidden Tupperware with billion-dollar satellites began in 2009 when I was working as an Employment Counselor.  A client told me about an interest he had in GeocachinG.  Oddly enough, I just happened to have my GaRmin Etrex GPS at work, hence I was off during my lunch hour searching for thAt infamous first geocache.  I was hooked.

It Came to ouR attention a neEd to obtain Geocaching suPplies at a local level, where you can meet youR GeocAchinG supply needs in the moment.  Hence, we decided to open a small Geocaching business where we could help meet that need.

We are able to provide you with quality Lock & Lock® containers, Both clear and custom camo’d. They are the most durable of containerS we have researched and uSed.  Each custom camo’d container (no two are identical) have been meticulously coated with Krylon Ultra Flat Camouflage paint with Fusion (made for plastic).  Each container has a minimum of two coats for durability and effect.  Most labels and logs are Rite In The Rain, inkjet printed, waterproof, won’t run or smear in the weather and can be customized with your name (minimum order required). We also provide other forms of logs/logbooks both generic and customized.  You will also find a variety of other containers and merchandise in our product supply.  By providing you with quality product, your cache maintenance time will be less, thus allowing you more time to enjoy your caching experiences.

As we continue to network with other suppliers, we will be offering you quality product from a variety of sources.  As well, I try to use Interior/Okanagan retailers.  If you are wanting something specific or special, just let us know, as we are always looking for your creative and product ideas and requests.  And be sure to keep checking in for updated specials, promotions and product.

Here’s a little help to decipher the code, (Bold letters) in the write up above:

(ROT-13 Cipher is used when revealing hints for geocaches, letter above equals below, and vice versa)

We look forward to doing business with you and sharing in your Geocaching adventures!

Rod aka Rokman4