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Lock ‘N’ Lock® containers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes making them a great long lasting choice for many cache hides.

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Since 1997, Lock ‘N’ Lock® revolutionized food storage containers with its 4-locking mechanism and a resilient silicone gasket for a tight waterproof seal.  With the onset of a new phenomenon called Geocaching in 2000, Lock ‘N’ Lock® containers have been repurposed from the fridge to the forest.

Lock ‘N’ Locks® come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes making them a great choice for many cache hides.  The clear containers are perfect for hides in areas (city parks, urban hides) where the content can be clearly seen as non-threatening.

**Police detachments prefer a cache is clearly marked on the outside to quickly identify it as a geocache.  Use an identifier such as a cache sticker to prevent unnecessary “I think I found a drug stash or it’s a bomb” calls!**

Camouflaging a Lock ‘N’ Lock® for long lasting durability is a specific process.  We have perfected the art of painting the plastic with paints meant specifically for plastic.  Our containers are thoroughly cleaned before the base coat is applied.  Next two layers of different color is applied over innate items, creating a very natural looking camo that blends in well with forest or desert hiding spots.  This method of painting promises a lasting camo that weathers well.

As with anything that gets continually handled, Lock ‘N’ Lock® have their disadvantages too. The locking tabs can snap off after repeated use compromising the tight seal and exposing the contents to water damage.  They aren’t animal proof and can easily be chewed through by a curious critter.

As a cache hider, we recommend a protected hide whenever possible and careful handling of any container as to minimize the maintenance having to be done by a cache owner.

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180 mil, 420 mil, 430 mil, 470 mil, 550 mil, 800 mil, 850 mil, 870 mil, 1.1 L

Clear or Camo

Clear, Camo