Geocache Birthday Bache®

Coming soon . . . the Geocache Birthday Bache®

Are you planning a birthday celebration for a family member or friend?  Have you ever thought about how to make this year’s birthday event uniquely different, fun and exciting?  Interior Geocaching Supplies will soon be offering a customized birthday experience for anyone of any age.  We call it the Geocache Birthday Bache®.  Each party is personalized for the birthday person.

For two hours IGS will host and teach the Birthday Cacher and friends how to play the world wide game of Geocaching.  We will hunt for a hidden treasure container (geocache) in Salmon Arm’s paradise on the hill, Little Mountain Park or location of your choice within the Shuswap.  IGS staff will demonstrate to the group how to use a basic GPS using billion dollar satellites and lead the party thru the chosen location to seek out a variety of customized hidden geocaches.  Cachers can opt to use cell phones by opening a free account and downloading the free geocaching app from

IGS is also planning a night cache Geocache Birthday Bache® version in Little Mountain Park.  More details coming soon.

For more information contact us at to discuss tailoring a Geocache Birthday Bache® for you.

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