Unique “Nasty” Cache


These unique, also known as evil, wicked or nasty cache containers provide an opportunity for you to create a fun, creative, “wow” moment for everyone from the very seasoned, to the very new geocacher.  This is what makes Geocaching so immensely popular around the world.

Please read the description below on how to provide the best caching experience using these unique, evil wicked, nasty containers.

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There are two types of unique or as commonly called, wicked, nasty or evil caches.   “Bad evil” caches and “good evil” caches.

The “bad evil” caches are just tedious, frustrating and not at all creative.  Any “needle in a haystack” hide will qualify: a fake rock among a pile of similar rocks, or a fake wood chip placed in a pile of wood chips, will quickly turn off the most seasoned of geocachers.

It’s the “good evil” caches that are creative and fun.  These are the kind where you think to yourself, “it couldn’t be hidden THERE”, and sure enough, that’s where you find it.  This is the “WOW” find!

So please, use your newly purchased unique, evil, nasty, and wicked cache container to create a fun, creative, challenging, and memorable geocache hide and find.